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Both types were imported from France. Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to J.

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I am proud as an American. January 1, , in Ellen B. Thomas Taylor, , 17 quoting from Ballou. The other day I saw a Livy, tooled in Florence in , which was so beautiful, altho so very expensive, that it really needed heroic self-denial for me not to purchase it.

The Knight of the Barrel. Kelmscott often aspired to be faithful to the Middle Ages. William S. See Joe Walker Kraus, Messrs.

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MacManus, On the simile and its source, see Douglas E. The printed volume comprised a total of pages and 87 woodcut illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones. With dimensions of approximately 10 cm by See Kraus, Messrs. The next two printings were with a more conventional press 2nd ed. This outfit opened its doors in and filed for bankruptcy three decades later in Since the poem was little known, the later translator was credited by contemporaries with having been the first to put the French legend into English verse.

Photograph on p. Cormack himself translated the Life of St. Black, Wales in Father Ignatius. His real name was Joseph Leycester Lyne. Joseph Leycester Lyne Alias Fr. Ignatius O. Attwater, Father Ignatius , viii. On August Old French prose and verse. She collaborated more than once with Louis M. Brandin, a Romance philologist at University College London. Cheerfully did he tumble, and cheerfully did he serve, for the which [ sic ] he merited great honour, and none was there to compare unto him.

And the holy Fathers have related unto us that it thus befell this minstrel. Now let us pray God, without ceasing, that He may grant unto us so worthily to serve Him, that we may be deserving of His love. The story of the Tumbler is set forth. Here endeth The Tumbler of Our Lady. Beyond fostering the deliberate misimpression of having translated solely from a manuscript of the original, Kemp-Welch furnishes fuller annotation than any of her precursors. Enhancing the sense of responsible scholarship, she groups our tale with versions of eight other Marian miracles, including two that she translates from Gautier de Coinci.

In return Mary caused five roses to grow out of his face after his death. The other is the miracle of the Virgin in which the fiddling and singing of a minstrel motivates the Virgin to cause a votive candle at Rocamadour to land upon his instrument. Medieval-like lettering. The cover design is based largely in turn upon the first of two title pages, which faces a fine facsimile of the bas-de-page illumination of the juggler.

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This title page was designed by Blanche C. Hunter made a specialty of such adaptations, which she did also for various other volumes: see Edith Rickert, trans. Eugene Mason. Eugene Mason, tr. Fair was his tumbling, fair was his service, for thereby gained he such high honour as is above all earthly gain. So the holy Fathers narrate that in such fashion these things chanced to this minstrel.

Now, therefore, let us pray to God—He Who is above all other—that He may grant us so to do such faithful service that we may win the guerdon of His love. Here endeth the Tumbler of Our Lady. The pagination sometimes varies in the reprints. London: Collins Clear-type Press, n. It is rich. Lawrence, The Letters of D. Lawrence , ed. James T. Boulton, 8 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, — , 8: 5.

Picturing the author-to-be of Sons and Lovers reading to his mother in bed is more than a trifle flustering. But let us refrain from untoward Lawrencian speculations. In this one instance, our suggestive frontal lobes and not his are to be reprehended. Himself, he said, was Norman, Miriam was Gothic. She bowed in consent even to that. For biographical information, see Norman A. Gerald H. Katharine Lee Bates.

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Crowell, , —15; and idem, Selected Poems , ed. William Morton Payne Boston: D. Heath, , — On the composition of the poem, see Burgess, Dream and Deed , —3. The music was composed by Samuel A.

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Bates, America the Beautiful , — It is not hard to imagine. Burgess, Dream and Deed , 63, The men who worship in it are, from Bishop to organ-blower, the men who have labored in it with head or hands or both. The College Beautiful. Houghton, , 1—7, 8—9, respectively.

By extension, the pearls found within humbler bivalves have been taken time and again as symbols of female sexuality and especially of the clitoris. As a result, those with an inclination toward Freudianism of the last century or queer studies of today might venture an observation or two about the young women of an all-female college who fish for these precious objects. Seven Sisters. Designed by Addison Hutton.

The president was M. The other members of the collegiate sorority. College Hall. Williston Memorial Library. George H.


Here begins the new life. Will you not write that inscription in all its noblest meaning at the beginning of your course in Wellesley College, thus making it also the beginning of the beautiful ideal life. Vida Dutton Scudder. Scudder, who was influenced by John Ruskin during studies at Oxford University, taught English literature at Wellesley from until her retirement four decades later in Her outpouring of books includes various on medieval English literature, popularizing hagiography, and John Ruskin.

Marc Stein, 3 vols. Once Upon a Time. If this is not true, then there is no truth possible to me…. It is bitterness itself to know that I mar and hinder that work, and the very sweetness of life whenever I seem, however so little, to help. Adams, MSMC , chap.

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It was very childlike. Wing-Yee Cheung et al. The title is taken from the opening sentence in the novel The Go-Between by L.