The Nuns Tale: An Owen Archer Medieval Mystery

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Soldiers fleeing to France, relic-trading and incest are just a few of the secrets which emerge. Ever wanted to buy a book but could not because it was too expensive?

The Nun's Tale: The Owen Archer Series - Book Three by Robb, Candace | eBay

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The Canterbury Tales -- The Nuns Priest's Tale

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The Nun's Tale - An Owen Archer Medieval Mystery by Candace Robb - 978

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Download App now Enter your mobile number to get App link. One noteworthy exchange occurs early in the story, when Chaucer and Archer confer with a blindly bigoted castle constable:.

The Nun's Tale : An Owen Archer Mystery

And we have no Welsh in the garrison. They are a queer race, barefooted and barelegged most of the time, and the shiftiest shave their heads so they may run through the brush more easily, but leave hair on their upper lips to show it is their choice to be thus shorn.

A sly, violent people. There is no telling when they will turn -- begging your forgiveness, Captain. But you are Lancaster's man or he would not have trusted you here, so I doubt you take it amiss. Owen had meant to keep his counsel, but this rotten-toothed man with his foul-smelling breath and rude manner was more than he could bear. And as you were never invited into our land, I cannot see why you would expect courteous co-operation.

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  7. But no, I do not take it amiss, for I am sure that rather than thinking for yourself you merely echo the opinion of others. The pair had been scheduled to meet at Carreg Cennen Castle in eastern Wales, but when Archer finds no sign of the man there, he decides to push his company on to the west and St.

    The Nun's Tale

    David's, only to discover that de Reine has turned up at that monastic settlement, instead -- murdered , his corpse deposited beside the Tower Gate. Although the Captain would prefer not to involve himself in this sordid matter, the bishop of St. David's insists that he interrupt his mission and return de Reine's body to his father. Fortunately, Robb provides maps enough to make sense of these peregrinations. As is to be expected from an Owen Archer adventure, a single death is never enough.

    Thus it isn't long after the sleuth and his versifying companion arrive at Cydweli that there's another killing, followed by the disappearance of Father Edern together with Lascelles' pulchritudinous wife Tangwystl. Soon Archer is up to his last operating eyeball in questions with no obvious answers: Who is behind these slayings? Do they have anything to do with efforts by foreign intriguers to fan the flames of Welsh resistance against the dominating English?

    How does the situation relate to Tangwystl's father, who may or may not be a traitor, but was deeply involved in a monetary scam? And what could all of this possibly have to do with a young pilgrim who, in the book's opening chapter, was found bloodied in the surf of distant Whitesands Bay and given shelter by the celebrated bard Dafydd ap Gwilym?

    See what I meant about an "intricately woven" yarn?

    Ihre Vorteile

    And I haven't even mentioned Sanctuary 's secondary plotline, in which Archer -- after having been away for 15 years, first as a local soldier and then in England -- reintroduces himself to what is left of his illiterate but proud family. Nor have I outlined events as they transpired at St. David's, where Sir Robert and Brother Michaelo stayed to visit the shrine a poignant episode that nicely enhances Michaelo's appeal as a subordinate character in this series.

    Remarkably, Robb succeeds in holding all of this together