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Ferguson, Thomas S. Humphries, Mark, and David M. Kitchen, Thomas E. Mascoli, Patrizia, Gli Apollinari. Per la storia di una famiglia tardoantica , Quaderni di Invigilata Lucernis 39, Bari, Schamp, Craig H. Rocca ed. Atti del congresso Genova-Bogliasco aprile , Genua, , Urso ed. Elogio, comunicazione, creazione del consenso. Atti del Convegno internazionale di Cividale del Friuli, settembre , Pisa, , IX 13,2 e Venanzio Fortunato carm. I lavori del progetto Musisque Deoque , Venezia giugno , Amsterdam, , Gibson, Roy K.

Pliny, Epistles 1. Balansard et al. Mathisen, Ralph W. Camastra, Palma, Letteratura latina tardoantica , Bari: Edipuglia, Sidonius features on pp. Da una lettera Ep. Actes du IXe colloque international sur le latin vulgaire et tardif, Lyon, septembre , Lyon, , Fusi, Alessandro, et al.

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Papanghelis et al. The same generic mobility can be observed also in the case of collections of letters. Since early modern times, editors of ancient collections of letters have been engaged in an informal project of re-ordering these collections along chronological lines. The result has been the gradual transformation of ancient collections into works of history and autobiography where chronological ordering is a distinctive generic marker in these genres in their modern forms.

This chapter focuses on the ideological and historical contexts and motivations for modern and early-modern editorial intervention in the genre of Latin letter collections. Many ancient letter collections have been rearranged by modern editors along chronological lines, apparently with the aim of realizing the biographical and historiographical potential of these ancient collections.

In their original format, however, non-fictional Greco-Roman letter collections were arranged predominantly by addressee or by theme often without the preservation of chronology within addressee or thematic groupings , or they might be arranged on the principle of artful variety and significant juxtaposition. Consequently, some purpose or purposes other than biographical or historical narration must be attributed to ancient letter collections. This paper asks what those purposes might be.

A short discussion of this career follows, including a reference to the panegyric of Euric in Ep. IV-VI d. Extra coll. Probably, only Ep. Carmi 1 e 2. Praefatio e Panegirico per Antemio. Perrin eds , La lyre et la pourpre.

Sidoine - La chaleur (acoustique)

Santelia, Stefania, Sidonio Apollinare. Carme 16, Eucharisticon ad Faustum episcopum. Introduzione, traduzione e commento , Cacucci Editore: Bari, Castellanos, Santiago, En el final de Roma ca.

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Chapot-Blanquet, Maguy ed. Dewar, Michael, Leisured Resistance. Gerth, Matthias, Bildungsvorstellungen im 5. Jahrhundert n. Gibson and Roger D.

childfonesloga.ga Rees eds , Pliny in Late Antiquity , Arethusa 46 Geburtstag , Berlin, , From the Visigoths to the Arabs , Farnham Tommasi, Chiara O. Arnold, Ellen F. Thomas and Jan M. Ziolkowski eds , The Virgil Encyclopedia , vol. Filosini, Stefania, Sidonio Apollinare. Epitalamio per Ruricio ed Iberia. Edizione, traduzione e commento , Studi e testi tardoantichi 12, Turnhout: Brepols, Reihe, vol. Musco ed. Bertolini et al. Per Mariangela Regoliosi , Florence, , Knox, Daniel K. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius. Die Briefe. Litovchenko, Elena V.

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Materials of the 8th International Scholarly Conference, Belgorod, , ]. Caesarodunum bis, Clermont-Ferrand, Academia for this and related articles. In so doing, they were able to offer new epistolary models to future generations of letter-writers. De Vivo and R. Perrelli eds , Il miglior fabbro. Studi offerti a Giovanni Polara , Amsterdam: Hakkert, , Ultimately, however, even in these romances it is not always easy to discern which of these two possible responses is meant to be evoked in the audience.

This critical attitude towards adolescence in Paris et Vienne would seem to be informed by late medieval discourses on the troubling nature of youth as a period in the human life-cycle which is characterised by disobedience, deceitfulness, argumentativeness and immoderate sexual passion According to this interpretation of the longer version of Paris et Vienne , the threat posed by the rebellious couple to the authority of the father is thus undermined through the use of humour which serves to problematise their status as exemplary figures and even to subvert idyllic romance as a defence of adolescent autonomy.

Thus, whilst both the Burgundian and the shorter renderings of the tale follow the same basic narrative as that of the longer version, they nonetheless adopt a variety of different strategies for reducing the troubling potential of this text to be read as an apology for adolescent dissent. Similarly, the shorter version of Paris et Vienne turns this tale into a much more serious analysis of inter-generational conflict than that found in the longer version. The way in which the theme of chivalric incognito is recast here underlines this point as it shows that, no matter how well the hero might seek to hide his identity, his reputation now speaks for itself since his valorous feats cannot be mistaken for those of any other knight.

Here she is described as being aged only twelve and Paris fifteen when they first meet and, when the possibility of her being married to another suitor is first mooted, she is fifteen years old and he eighteen. Indeed, the shorter version is altogether much more explicit than the longer about the problematic nature of this dispute and it is much more conscious of the transgression posed by the unequal status of the two prospective marriage partners.

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Accordingly, at every stage of their attempt to be together, the lovers are shown to be thoroughly conscious of what is at stake in terms of the distress and dishonour that they are likely to cause their families. Hee ma mere! Even within the single example of this work, the three different redactions that exist of Paris et Vienne demonstrate the variety of approaches that the writers of such romances could take when dealing with such anxiety-inducing matters.

This type of validation celebrating both the worth of an individual and the restoration of social harmony at court, which is also present in other contemporary romances dealing with pre-marital love between couples of unequal birth, such as Cleriadus et Meliadice , may add little to the development of the narrative but it performs a vital ideological role within the text The shorter version of Paris et Vienne differentiates itself even more markedly from the potentially subversive message of the original, which may also be the reason why, in addition to its relative brevity, it was preferred by the translators and printers who ensured its popularity among its late medieval and early modern audience.

Largely stripping the narrative of its capacity to amuse, this version turns the tale of Paris and Vienne into a means of conveying an uncompromisingly serious message about the moral dilemmas and emotional anguish undergone by young lovers intent on pursuing their personal desires. Whilst the longer version is perhaps the one that affords the modern reader the most enjoyable retelling of the story, the fact that it underwent two considerable revisions shortly after it first appeared suggests that this amusement was not felt by its late medieval readers to come without a troubling price.

Vuagnoux-Uhlig, Le Couple en herbe. Vincensini and C. Galderisi, Paris, Classiques Garnier, All references to this edition, hereafter referred to as K , will be made in the body of the text and quotations will amend punctuation and spelling as necessary. Babbi, Milan, FrancoAngeli, All references to this edition, hereafter referred to as B , will be made in the body of the text.

Translated from the French and Printed by William Caxton , ed. For studies of this translation, see W.