HUNTER: A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller (Dylan Hunter Thrillers Book 1)

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Maggie, I'm humbled by and grateful for your generous praise of my thrillers.

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Free book Recommended reading Resources for writers. The second in a great series Readers of my blog will remember that I interviewed bestselling novelist Robert Bidinotto a while ago. Click here to read the interview. The post mentioned Robert's second novel in the Dylan Hunter thriller series; I enjoyed it so much I decided to post a review for this blog.

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First, let's have a taster of the plot. Annie, in particular, has been struggling with the aftershocks of witnessing the man she loves nearly die at her feet.

The Hunter

She is frightened by the prospect that Dylan seems to seek or attract violent confrontations wherever he goes. These victims have no protector against the bad deeds of the powerful and privileged. Except for one man.

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A man as ruthless and violent as they. A man committed to absolute justice.

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Because Dylan Hunter cannot walk away—not even if it costs him the woman he loves. Powerful stuff!

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It's a Formula One race to the end, with a break in the middle to deliver some back story about Dylan's father; this slows the pace down nicely, allowing the reader to draw breath. The book is well-structured, with the prologue and epilogue seamlessly balancing and complementing each other. The latter, as is to be expected, teases the reader with a hint of the next book in the Dylan Hunter vigilante justice series.

Throughout the action, Robert Bidinotto takes care to develop his characters further, via Dylan's efforts to incorporate the woman he loves into his life and Annie's struggles to deal with the psychological scars inflicted on her in 'Hunter'. On now to the themes of the novel. And a horrific day of unspeakable terrorism rocks Washington, D.

Hunter - A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller (Paperback)

Soon, Hunter's investigation puts him in the cross hairs of a power-hungry billionaire and a cold-blooded assassin. Camouflaged by "fake news," a deadly conspiracy of Russian spies and American traitors aims to install their puppet in the White House. And these predators will do the unthinkable to bring America under their total control. The stakes -- political and personal -- couldn't be higher. Because to stop them, Dylan Hunter must make an irrevocable choice. He must revert to his dark, secret life as a violent vigilante, waging a one-man war against the corrupt and untouchably powerful.

Robert Bidinotto

It's a decision that will, finally and forever, seal his fate. But for now, only one thing is certain: In the tidal wave of political violence sweeping through the blood-soaked streets of Washington, D.

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Robert earned a national reputation as an authority on criminal justice while writing investigative crime articles as a former Staff Writer for Reader's Digest.