Death in the Cold

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After that, "as you start dropping [in core body temperature], bad things happen," Sawka said. The record for the lowest body temperature at which an adult has been known to survive is Left untreated, hypothermia can lead to complete failure of the heart, and eventually death, according to the Mayo Clinic. Yet people's bodies are pretty hardy in the cold, as we have two built-in mechanisms to protect us from frigid conditions.

As soon as that bitter air hits your face, your body will try to insulate itself by moving blood away from the skin and outer extremities, such as fingers and toes, and toward its core. This process is called vasoconstriction, and it helps limit the amount of heat you lose to the environment, Castellani said. The second response from your body is shivering , which produces heat and helps raise body temperature. Although extreme conditions are often needed to induce hypothermia in a healthy person, frostbite is more common in less severe weather.

Your fingers and toes are more prone to frostbite, because those areas will have reduced blood flow in cold temperatures, as your body tries to keep its core warm. Even though your feet are usually protected by shoes, toe temperatures can get very low, and if you sweat, the wetness will draw even more heat out of the area. Since frostbite is brought on by freezing, you can't get frostbite if the air temperature is above 32 F 0 C.

How long it takes you to develop frostbite will depend on the conditions. Windchill figures are lower than actual temperature to reflect the way moving air strips away heat faster than still air. The actual temperature in DeKalb, Illinois, at midnight on Tuesday was minus 13 degrees, but the windchill meant it felt like minus 42 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Windchill temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees have been recorded this week.

The weather service is monitoring whether a new record-low temperature will be recorded in Chicago. The weather service and other services have been advising the public on ways to stay safe, including wearing extra layers to prevent frostbite. Read more : The Midwest is colder than Antarctica thanks to the polar vortex — here's what it looks like. A homeless man sitting in the falling snow during the polar vortex in New York City's financial district on Wednesday.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Tuesday that the vortex had brought "life-threatening conditions and temperatures. Weather service forecaster Jim Hayes warned that the conditions could create a "very dangerous situation.

Core temperature drop

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Built-in cold protection

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Extreme cold in U.S. causes more than 2 dozen deaths, hundreds injured

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The polar vortex ravaging the US with extreme cold has killed at least 21 people

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Cook County’s First Cold-Related Death of the Season Reported in Avondale - NBC Chicago

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