Absentia (Book Two in the Memoria Series 2)

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Angela attempts to talk Melissa into allowing for a dangerous surgery for Frank.

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Richard tries to find a way out of his treacherous association with The Thirteen, while Angela faces Rosemont Roscoe Lee Browne and makes a worst enemy. Madame Malec toughen up her web around Eric, that creates more harm between him and his wife. Dan refuses to make up with Melissa, when he gets his trucking business.

Eric shoots Angela, wounding her, when The Thirteen gets Eric to murder Angela and Richard, who, on the brink that Maggie and his children are to be all alone, is happy when Eric is allowed to murder Richard. Two of the former cast members Robert Foxworth and Abby Dalton did not return. Ana-Alicia played two different characters and Jane Wyman's poor health resulted in the show's episodes being reduced from 28 to After leaving for many years, after an argument with her family, Pilar Ortega, who is not only the daughter of the vineyard foreman at Falcon Crest, but is now a bank vice-president, comes back to egg on severe interest throughout the valley.

Richard comes back from the dead and Maggie slaps him. Also, Angela starts a new legal attack on Melissa for control of the Falcon Crest vineyards. Carly plans on leaving Tuscany Valley, while Emma begins to write an article about an enigmatic mystery writer. The Falcon Crest mansion is on fire, where outside, Angela must rely on Lance to plunge desperately into the flames to try to save Melissa, who is caught up inside. The aftermath of the fire has shocking results for the residents of Tuscany Valley. She was taken to the hospital and dies, and Lance flips out.

Later, Angela privately arranges a meeting between Frank and his long-lost son, Nick, and grandson, Ben, Brandon Douglas. Richard nervously embarks on a search to discover who was responsible for the assassination of The Thirteen. In search of an exclusive story, Emma secures a job typing for a private writer, R. Young, and later, meets his partner, Cabot Allan Young. Senator Ryder is planning on shooting Richard, whilst kidnapping his wife, Maggie. Lance, however, is ungrateful, he wanted to plead his innocence in court.

Nick yields Falcon Crest to Angela, when she blackmails Nick with incriminating clues about his past life. As Angela arranges to rebuild the entire house, Nick makes a mistake about his respect towards her and cautions that he will not bend from then on. Nick has to tell Ben the truth about his mother, that angers him. Libby asks Frank to join her in Columbia to dig up for emeralds, that is the offer that bothers Angela. As Emma and Cabot begin a serious relationship, Cabot asks her true identity.

Pilar is pressured when she is to sign paper allowing Mercedes and her husband to adopt Lisa. However, Pilar notices that Mercedes is the only mother the child has ever known, the thought of the last, legal adoption is more than Pilar can bear. Pilar finds Lance with an attractive young lady, after she goes to Lance for comfort. Angela is bound to learn who is responsible for the consortium, after she is outfoxed for the purchase of a bottling company.

When Angela receives word from her daughter, Emma, that the wedding is off, her forthcoming bridgegroom, R. Young, apologizes for his behavior and announces that the wedding is on schedule again. Nick unsuccessfully suggests to Ben, that he curtail his relations with the Cellini Family, despite cautioning him that the family is dangerous. An unexpected visitor causes a crisis at Tuscany Valley.

The Ortegas are in a crisis, when they learn Gabriel has epilepsy, right after the accident that he suffered a head injury.

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Anna in desperation tries to encourages Frank and Nick to help her pain be over, prior to growing increasingly weaker. Stating his true feelings for Maggie, Tommy consoles her, after Maggie breaks down into tears, after a phone conversation with Michael. When Lance has been meaning to call Angela, about the Glenbraddoch meeting when all the phone lines were down , Angela calls Lance, instead, and asks him to plant the Chardonnay, before the week is over and it could be too late, because of the changing weather.

Also, on the same business trip that Angela is away, Richard approaches a beautiful young lady who is the dead ringer for Melissa Agretti. After Richard approves to pay her a heavy price, the deal is mutual. Kelly, hearing the many lies from Tommy about his relationship with Maggie, she breaks him up, tries to rescue her, who then drowns in the lake. The season ended, when Angela confronts Richard about putting his mother in the psychiatric ward, hence, she calls the police, who has him arrested.

This is the final season of Falcon Crest. It is also the only season in which Jane Wyman does not appear in nearly every episode, due to her ongoing health problems, while at the same time, the show went into a different direction by adding 2 new cast members Gregory Harrison and Wendy Phillips , who replaced Susan Sullivan, who left the season, before.

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By show's cancelation, against her doctors, Jane Wyman appeared for the show's final 3 episodes. As Angela prepares to travel to Greece, she leaves her grandson Lance in charge, though under the strict supervision of her reliable foreman, Frank Agretti. Since Daniel, an unsuccessful author, has turned to gambling, drinking and brutality, Emma has become a battered wife. To escape her troubles, Emma turns to another man, Charley, for much-needed affection.

In an effort to get out of prison, Richard decides to testify against his co-conspirator, Michael Sharpe. Richard evades an attempt on his life meant to stop his testimony. Accidentally getting her finger stuck in a pool drain, Maggie drowns. Angela hires a private investigator to tail Pilar. Emma's old friend Charley Mark Lindsay Chapman arrives just in time for Maggie's funeral, where, Charley removed Maggie's wedding ring.

Even when Angela disapproves of Charley and changes her vacation plans, Emma stands by Charley despite Angela's interference. Michael Sharpe takes his revenge on Richard for his testimony against him by having Richard's children removed from his custody. Aware that Angela is trying to break up his relationship with Emma, Charley places a pillow over Angela's face and suffocates her. After Chao-Li returns from vacation, he went up to Angela's room, where she was found unconscious.

The Channings are in a crisis where Angela was rushed into a hospital, only to be slipped in a coma.

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Lance has a hard time managing Falcon Crest without Angela, especially when business associates urge on negotiating with his grandmother; but fortunately, Pilar is happy to help Lance with Ned Vogel David Spielberg. Richard learns that Michael was an asset in Richard's custody loss over his own children, who delivered them to Walker Robert Ginty and Lauren Daniels, the emotional couple who lost their own children.

When Charley exploded the back-up generator in the hospital basement, The Channings have no choice other than to pull the plug on Angela's life-support. Richard still mourns for Maggie, and must keep all of his promises that have been made by her. With his continued influence over Emma, Charley upsets the family. Encouraged by his sister-in-law, Genele Ericson Andrea Thompson , Frank Agretti goes to the bank with the power of attorney which Angela had given him prior to her aborted trip to Europe and takes over operation of Falcon Crest.

Due to Richard's testimony, the S. Lauren and Walker confront Michael about his schemes and their custody of Richard's children. Frank's obsession with the treacherous Genele escalates. Charley is relieved to hear that Emma's husband has apparently committed suicide, since his death removes the last obstacle for Charley to marry Emma.

When the court gives control of Falcon Crest to Emma, she is overwhelmed by the notion of running the business. Emma's new husband Charley, however, has many ideas about running Falcon Crest. Charley hires his brother Ian and his young, child-like wife, Sidney Carla Gugino , to help run the winery. Since the new arrivals put Charley at odds with Lance, the two fight.

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After Lance soundly beats Charley, Charley immediately fires him. Richard is still grieving for Maggie, and says he lost everything, especially Falcon Crest. When Michael was questioning Lauren about Richard getting his kids back, Walker wanted Michael out of their house and put his back against the wall. Michael doesn't care about anybody, except for himself, even when he brought Lauren, even more pain.

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After rescuing his sons, Richard learns that they liked Walker's wife and returns them to Lauren's care, despite the fact that she is Sharpe's sister. Pilar and Lance confront Emma about Charley, he throws a bacchanal party, which is crashed by bikers. Ned Vogel, who has taped evidence of Pilar securing his distribution contract through sexual favors, blackmails her. At Angela's bedside, Emma thinks she hears her comatose mother command her to get rid of Charley, but Emma isn't sure whether or not she imagined it.